Using Digital Content Marketing to Grow Awareness, Trust & Sales

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“Content is King” is the mantra anyone who is looking to create an effective digital marketing strategy must have heard about. It is a widely used phrase, which is almost a cliché when it comes to digital marketing but it is a cliché for good reason. The digital content marketing approach actually does make a lot of sense when you are looking for ways to garner the necessary online attention.

In this day and age, your audience has total control over […]


6 Ways Instagram Can Boost Your Business

Social media in this decade has skyrocketed in popularity throughout the globe. Nowadays, social media plays a major part in the marketing strategies of any and all major companies worldwide and Instagram has become the go-to modus operandi of all the businesses taking helping them achieve customer engagement like never before.

Instagram blew past the 700 million users mark earlier this year and shows no signs of slowing down. This is a platform that is simple and effective when it comes to the promotion of products and reaching out to potential customers.

If […]


Why Every Business Needs Professional Video Production

There has been enough buzz about video marketing for you to have already at least given it a passing thought of consideration in relation to your own business. So perhaps you’ve already wondered if it’s worth your time and resources to invest in video production and online video. Well, the short answer is yes. Video has become one of the most profitable and versatile digital marketing tools, with an incredible return on investment. Let’s have a look at why your business needs professional video production.

Video content immediately leads […]


Why Every Business Needs to Back Up its Data

No matter what the size of your business, you need to regularly back up your data in order to secure the organization’s network. This could be the most important step for a business to take in order to prevent a network disaster from occurring. Backups help protect the company from the pitfalls of less than adequate security strategy, allowing the business to remain operational even in the case of data loss, hacking or a natural disaster.

Unfortunately, many businesses still fail to carry out efficient backups. One […]


The Future of Marketing

Guess what the rate of increase was for digital marketing in 2016?
A whopping 40%!

And there’s no stopping this juggernaut. Growth kept increasing in 2017, and is expected to keep doing so for the foreseeable future. Small wonder, then, that marketers spend around 60% of their time on digital marketing activities. Most companies are raising the allocation of their budgets to digital marketing. So when and how did this phenomenon take over marketing?


Importance of Content in your Web Site

For years, business owners have struggled to understand why their websites have practically failed to capture the hearts and minds of their audience. One of the main reasons why a business might typically fail to ignite the imagination of their viewers is through a lack of content

The Power of Content On Your Website 

Content is King“. Without content to inspire and educate, how can you hope for your readers to understand what you are trying to offer them?

Content […]


How Marketing Funnel Works

You’ve probably heard the phrase “marketing funnel” thrown about by presenters and speakers. Here’s a basic rundown of what this is.

What is a Marketing Funnel?

Put simply, it’s a set of stages on a website that a potential visitor will have to take in order to carry out an action that you desire. So if you want visitors to fill out a form, the funnel refers to the actions they’ll have to take in order to do so.
Let’s say you want visitors to purchase an item. What steps are they […]


Using Traditional Content Marketing Techniques

Since LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other such social media websites introduced the business page, businesses and entrepreneurs have found it extremely easy to promote their product or service. With a simple click they can introduce their product or service to the world and attract attention of people who were beyond their reach. It’s a platform that not only gives business owners the opportunity to introduce new products or service but also enlighten them with their content in the form of short posts and tweets.

Today, more and more people are […]


Online Video Marketing 101

Online Video Marketing 101

In an exceedingly digitized world, it is no surprise that we spend so much of our time online that businesses, in a bid to interact with us, their target audience, made sure that they need to jump on the same platform as we do. This saw advertising split into digital advertising that helped one craft marketing strategies that were meant to be flexible enough to encompass the digital mediums utilized online.

In the Beginning …
While some people might still like reading articles and pay more attention to […]


The Rules of Using SEO to Your Benefit

Everyone talks about how the Internet is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their target audiences. In other words, the world is getting smaller and smaller with the internet making everything available and accessible with just a few clicks.
On the other hand, there is a huge amount of information out there for the consumer, and for any brand to get proper visibility, the competition is extremely tough. While you can do a lot paid advertisement, but you cannot rely on it for the long run. You need to make it easier […]


Why every Business needs Marketing

Every business that is looking to earn more sales and strengthen their relations with their target audience needs the help of marketing.

Without marketing, your business will be good for nothing, and even if you have the best products/services in the world, it wouldn’t matter if no one knows about them. Let’s find out why every business needs marketing.

To Spread Awareness about Products/Services

If no one knows about your products, how will they be able to buy them? Well, without marketing, no business stands a chance of […]


Data-Driven Marketing: What Is It All About?

While technology has revolutionized every single industry, marketing remains that one domain that has experienced a fundamental shift due to technological advancements over the past two decades. Today, marketing is all about providing a customized experience to each customer, and in order to so, marketing professionals rely heavily on customers’ data. This is where data-driven marketing comes into play.

Data-driven marketing fulfills the business need of providing customers with a truly optimized and personal experience by utilization of large volumes of customer data that is available to almost every organization […]


3 Online Marketing Trends

The online marketing industry is complex and dynamic. Every year, new software, new technologies, and new marketing techniques are introduced. In addition to this, the changing customer needs and purchasing factors also influence the online marketing practices of businesses greatly. This leads to the introduction of new trends that revolutionize the industry, stay for some time, and are then replaced by newer trends.

It is important that a digital marketer stays updated with the latest online marketing trends in order to help their company build and strengthen their online presence. To […]


5 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Help

If you’re running a business, chances are you’re already using social media to reach your customers and to enhance your

brand awareness. However, if you’re not among those over 70% businesses that use social media platforms to market their offerings, you should consider developing a social media marketing strategy right now in order to enjoy the numerous benefits it offers to businesses.
In this article, we are summarizing 5 important ways social media marketing can help businesses grow. Read to learn the reasons why social media marketing is right for your business.


Which Social Media Channels Should You

Social Media Channels

Social media marketing has become a staple of almost any business strategy today. Since it provides your business a direct way to communicate with your audience and offers a great return on investment, it is important that you make it a part of your overall marketing strategy. However, one important decision associated with developing a social media marketing strategy is the selection of the right social media platforms.
Today, there are a number of popular social networking websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and […]


Your Online Video Marketing is Failing?

Your online video marketing strategy is failing, but you already knew that, as otherwise, you wouldn’t be here, reading about what you are doing wrong.

You want to revamp your online video marketing strategy to attract a greater number of users to your business. Before you can work on improving your video marketing strategy, you have to figure out what you are doing wrong. Here is what you are doing wrong:

You Are Targeting Different People at Once

You are trying to reach everyone on the internet, as you believe that is […]


5 Ways to Kill SEO Myths

5 Ways to Kill SEO Myths

When we are trying to boost our site’s reach and rank on Google’s search engine, we tend to become so desperate for results that we believe anyone who informs us about SEO tactics. Instead, we need to double check to make sure they aren’t myths, but the real thing. Today, we are going to kill some SEO myths that are doing more harm than helping. Here is a list of myths we are going to put to rest:
Myth #1:  When You Delete Your Listing from Google […]


5 Tips to Make Your Content Great

5 Tips to Make Your Content Go from Boring to Great – TC Interactive Group


Your content is dull, boring, and no one wants to read it. Now, admitting it is the first step to realizing that you are doing something horribly wrong. We are not trying to be harsh or put down you, but trying to help you attain a readership that we know you can.

All you need to do is put your personality into your content and come up with creative ways to share it. You […]