How Digital Marketing Can Improve Your Offline Marketing

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Marketing is all about identifying, appealing to and utilizing the behavior of the target audience. Every target audience is not the same, and the most effective marketing strategies will vary depending on the type of business. However, across businesses and industries today, marketers share one common belief: that digital marketing is the most effective tool which can help businesses reach new potentials.

The entire buzz about digital marketing has left an old, viable marketing medium in the shadow: offline marketing. The marketing divide between digital and offline marketing can be so extreme that it is not uncommon to see companies use separate print ads, web and social marketing strategies which are in no way connected to one another.

But these divides only exist in marketing departments. Customers do not see these silos, they see one brand. Customers casually see multiple marketing channels throughout the course of a day and can come across a print promotion, social media post, or TV commercial within minutes of each other.

Since customers come across multiple marketing channels, it is important to use a marketing tool that can promote multiple marketing tactics. Digital marketing provides just that. Digital marketing has the potential to empower the offline marketing tactics which many may think have become outdated. This article reveals the true supremacy of digital marketing by showing how it can improve offline marketing.

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Driving Your Online Audience to Offline Programs

Many unorthodox marketers are using digital marketing strategies to drive online prospects to offline programs. Digital marketing can significantly boost entertainment shows, trade events, musical concerts and other offline events.

For instance, consider using social media for promotion of an event. A Facebook post can be used to invite people to an event for business promotion. The response on the post can be tracked through likes and comments. Or, a hashtag (#) can be created on Twitter to share with the attendees and you’ll be able to track how audience is responding to the event. Flyers, magazines and flash cards can also be distributed among those who attend the event.

Once the event is over, you can monitor the reactions of the attendees and respond to their questions on online social media platforms. This will allow determining how the digital marketing tactic has helped your offline promotions and how well the audience has reacted to your marketing strategy.

Making a Prominent Impact

When it comes to using digital marketing to aid offline marketing, one thing is most important of all: relevance. Research shows that three fourths of consumers prefer businesses which use personal information to augment their shopping experience, while 64% are concerned with relevant offers.

By creating customized content through digital marketing, you can carry out promotions that are extremely powerful at regional and local levels. The secret behind effective digital marketing strategy is to use the right tools to collect segmentation data and use that information to target customers with traditional marketing campaigns that attends to their desires.

For example, an established firm can co-partner with local retailers to personalize their brand’s presence. By adding an element like local sports team into digital campaign, the brand can make a vibrant impact as online marketing campaign will connect with offline life of customers. Digital platform also enables campaigns to be monitored and updated to meet specific requirements of the audience.

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Market Research

One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is having access to real-time data of the potential customers. Almost everything can be tracked online making it easier for you to tailor your campaigns more precisely. Online tracking of the audience allows marketers to incorporate their digital marketing campaigns into offline promotions.

Market research is important for every marketing campaign. You need a detailed understanding of the target audience, their preferences, desires and what they are most interested in purchasing.

Every business should actively seek feedback of the customers. Conducting polls on online websites and social media provides an opportunity of knowing more about the customers. This information can be used to tailor the offline marketing strategies.

It is easy to make mistakes and poor choices, assuming too much from your offline marketing strategy based on limited information about customers. For example, you may think your ideal buyers are 10-12 years older than they really are, so you’re targeting the wrong demographic. Using information from online marketing campaigns for offline promotions can help you avoid these mistakes.

Integrating Offline and Online Promotions

In-house promotions are a great way to increase your brand’s visibility. But flyers and magazines may not be enough for its promotion. You can use digital marketing to promote the event even more.

One way is to come up with an eye-catching image and use the visual post on social media or online website to capture the attention of the audience. The same image can be printed on flyers and post cards to be distributed among the customers resulting in two-fold promotions.

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Cross-Device Marketing

Digital marketing can be used to improve offline promotions through cross-device marketing. Research shows that cross-device marketing can boost conversions by up to 16 percent.

Imagine a person watching television while using his Smartphone at the same time. He sees the commercial of a particular product your business is offering and after a while he sees the same product on a social media website. The social media post will derive interest of the consumer even more, increasing engagement with your brand.

Digital marketing, no doubt, has taken over the global marketing world by storm. It has provided new opportunities to businesses allowing them to reach more customers.

But the true power of digital marketing is revealed when businesses use it to not just reach new potential customers but also tailor their offline marketing strategies to hit the right audience and avail best returns from their marketing efforts.

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