Why Every Business Needs Professional Video Production

There has been enough buzz about video marketing for you to have already at least given it a passing thought of consideration in relation to your own business. So perhaps you’ve already wondered if it’s worth your time and resources to invest in video production and online video. Well, the short answer is yes. Video has become one of the most profitable and versatile digital marketing tools, with an incredible return on investment. Let’s have a look at why your business needs professional video production.

Video content immediately leads to a huge increase in conversion and sales.
The science doesn’t lie: adding a product video on your home or landing page will cause your conversions to jump by a whopping 80%. It also has a huge impact on sales, with 74% of users who watched videos explaining the working of a product buying it afterwards. It makes sense that video has such a dramatic effect on sales: after all, human beings are visual animals. We process the world primarily through sight. Little wonder then, that video can help your business to such an extent.

Video creates and fosters trust

Without trust, your company is never going to see conversions or sales. When a company is trusted, its customers’ loyalty translates into greater profitability for it. Effective marketing has always been about creating trust and building long term relationships, and content marketing is no different. You need to focus on the people you’re developing products and services for. And that’s where video comes in.

Video content is highly capable of generating user engagement, and causing potential consumers to feel emotionally attached to a brand, product or service. Think about it: few social media figures are as popular as YouTubers. Through promotional videos, you can develop a sense of trust among consumers who feel skepticism about purchasing products or services online due to a fear of being ripped off. What videos do then is present your products in a welcoming and conversational format. This leads to consumers feeling like they’re being connected to on an individual level, which makes them more confident about online purchases.

Video gives you incredible return on investment.

Here’s another exciting that should get businesses excited: roughly around 76% of businesses who invest in video production say it provides great ROI. It’s true that professional online videos aren’t exactly cheap or easy to produce, but the payoff is huge. Actually, given how much more affordable video editing tools online are getting every day, you don’t have any excuse to not use video content. Heck, even a decent smartphone can make serviceable videos.

Don’t worry about your videos being perfect. Focus on the content instead. Users want to see videos that clearly explain what the service or product is all about. You can’t get away with poor content even if your video has excellent production values and design.

Videos explain concepts really well

If you’re launching a new product or service, video can really take the stress off you having to explain how it works. An incredible 98% of users say that they watch explainer videos to learn more about a service or product, and 83% of businesses that have an explainer video on their homepage say that it was effective in driving sales. The same goes for explaining difficult concepts. Just do it with an animated video! Animation is particularly adept at engaging viewers by bringing breathing life into concepts without the need for text. These videos can break through the clutter, especially if they’re amusing or otherwise entertaining.

Google’s a video lover

Given that Google owns YouTube now, you shouldn’t really be surprised at the fact that videos now have a positive effect on your rankings. But there’s more to it than that: Google likes pages that consumers engage with and spend time on, and consumers tend to spend a lot of time on sites with video. Not only does that longer exposure help increase trust among customers, but it also lets search engines know that your website has engaging content. In fact, if your website has video, the chances of you showing up first on Google’s search engine increase by 53 times. One important note: optimize your videos for SEO by writing interesting titles and descriptions, and link back to your products and services from your YouTube videos. The easier you make it for customers to purchase your product, the more they’ll be encouraged to take action.

Video especially appeals to users on mobile devices

The number of smartphone users only keeps increasing every year. And given that people are increasingly watching videos using their phones, it only makes sense to cater to this gigantic video audience. Mobile video consumption increases by 100% yearly, according to YouTube.

Video are shared readily online.

Social marketers, meaning people who primarily market their products using networks like Facebook or Twitter, will tell you that the way to get viral is by using video content. In fact, in 2013, 60% of social marketers said they used video content, and the number has only increased since then. Additionally, social media features themselves encourage the creation and sharing of video content. Facebook has features like Live Video and 360o Video in place, which marketers can use to create spontaneous and fun videos with. Then Twitter has Periscope, and Instagram has Instagram Stories as well as 60-Second Videos.

So the technology is there; you just have to use it. Just remember that people will tend to share videos that make them feel something, or that they are amused by or emotionally connect to. So simply creating a few dry videos with facts isn’t enough. If a branded video is entertaining enough, around 76% of users say that they would share it with their friends. Shares on social media will increase the traffic your site gets (make sure to link back to the site in the video description!), so make sure you create fun or emotionally engaging videos.