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Online Video Marketing 101 – Why Should You Opt for It?

In an exceedingly digitized world, it is no surprise that we spend so much of our time online that businesses, in a bid to interact with us, their target audience, made sure that they need to jump on the same platform as we do. This saw advertising split into digital advertising that helped one craft marketing strategies that were meant to be flexible enough to encompass the digital mediums utilized online.

attentionIn the Beginning …

While some people might still like reading articles and pay more attention to the text, the new generation of consumers is one that only has 2 seconds of their time to spare before they flit on to the next thing. To successfully garner their attention, online video marketing has played a vital role. A social media platform like YouTube, which was launched in 2005, was based on the idea of sharing short videos.

Once it was launched, it was history. Video sharing and really took off and today video content accounts for generating almost half of all the traffic on the internet. It is speculated that by 2018, this number will have been raised to an amazing 79% of all traffic. These favorable numbers have showcase that online video marketing is here to stay. Its success and the results it garners have pushed around 93% of all marketers to embrace video content as part of a successful marketing strategy.

Not Something New Thoughvideo marketing

Keep in mind that while online digital or online video marketing became popular after YouTube, it was not something new. It was still common for advertisements on TV to showcase videos. One of the biggest responses that video marketing garnered was that it not only made the consumer interested in the product, it showcased just how they can use the product. This led to a lot more buying as well.

In many cases, video advertisements were extremely useful in educating the target audience which resulted in boosting the sales of the business. When marketing and advertising made a shift towards the digital side, it was only a matter of fact before online video marketing become one of the biggest means of generating revenue, target audience or more. However, there have been considerable changes made; particularly in that videos marketing products no longer tend to be as long as tedious as the old ones.


The Types of Online Videos that Get Attention

There are different types of online videos that are nowadays available but the main body of it always remains the same. The following are some of the most commonly crafted online videos that also garner the most attention from the target audience:

awareness Awareness Video

These can help the consumer understand the product more. These can be animated how-to videos or they can even be Q&A sessions by the industry experts that allow viewers to understand more about the products and services being offered to them. These are usually used to help educated the consumer before the product is introduced to the target audience. It plays an essential role in working out the market interest in the product as well.

engagement video Engagement Video

These are usually done nowadays with live videos or at the end of an event in order to gauge the interest levels of the target audience. This is one of the biggest ways through which a business can create hype or a buzz regarding their products. Live videos in particular are being very popularly utilized since those who have to miss out on the event can view it and gauge whether they would attend any similar events or not.

conversion Conversion Video

This is a purely sales video that has a tutorial that imparts more information regarding the product. It also has a buy now, sales page or a landing page at the end that encourages the viewer to reach out and buy the product they are viewing. With YouTube, these videos became more common since the video platform incorporated the use of embedding links and SEO in videos as well. For this purpose, these conversion videos are also useful for directing traffic towards the website and other social media platforms, thereby crafting a ring of information.

retention  Retention Video

This is another video but it is meant to help retain the current target audience by showcasing the latest offerings that are available. For many users, this can help resolve a lot of the problems they might be experiencing when they were working with older versions of the product. Retention videos also make use of a landing page, sales page or showcase SEO and links as well. These usually work well with clients who have used the product before and are looking forward to seeing the new products being introduced in the market.

advocacy Advocacy Video

These are largely based on user generated content. With the help of this, a vast number of buyers and consumers get to take a closer look at the company and understand the what, who and the why of the company. For this reason, it plays a huge role in helping a company interact with their target audience with ease.

Currently, online video marketing has greatly evolved to encompass more and more features. YouTube allows for videos to feature link embedding as well. Moreover, once it was found that marketing videos were only affective when they were bite sized; it soon led to the production of videos that were merely 1 minute or 30 seconds long. In fact, Snapchat was developed specifically to make use of this.

Curating and producing user generated video content that is only 30 to 45 seconds long, SnapChat has completely revolutionized the way online video marketing works. With over a million views within seconds, SnapChat introduced a new kind of online video marketing, one that actually works. Nowadays, with everything digitized, video marketing has started to play an even bigger role. From animated videos, tutorials, and more, online video marketing is one marketing trend that doesn’t appear to be going out of style anytime soon.

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