Social Media Management

Your social media profiles are incredible promotional platforms that also grow your business greatly. However, if managing all those profiles alongside important business operations is becoming quite the hassle, leave it all on us. We are here to take the load off of your shoulders and offer complete social media management services so you have all the time to grow your business.

We take it upon ourselves to monitor your social media profiles on a day-to-day basis and ensure that everything is going as planned. We streamline all your social media activities to help keep users engaged on your profiles. From keeping a check on updates, responding to user queries, and managing social media advertising, we do it all.

We also connect your social profiles with your website to ensure that users are distributed across platforms. Our social media strategy also involves designing attention-grabbing content to keep everyone hooked to your profiles.

To stay relevant online it’s imperative that your business be a part of social media groups such as Facebook and Twitter.  We understand that maintaining such sites can cost you time away from running your business, so leave it up to us! We offer day-to-day maintenance on your social media site, helping you attract new members and keeping your online com

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Converting Social Media Visitors into Leads

Social media isn’t just for social butterflies; it is a platform that can and is being used for promoting businesses. At TC Interactive, we help businesses in creating and sustaining their brand identity on the social media platforms. We design your business page and manage it for you. Our core aim is to convert the visitors and the followers of your social media page into your loyal customers.

A few of the core elements that we ensure in every social media page we design and develop include:

  • An awesome welcome page
  • Your business logo
  • Your business information
  • Content relevant to your business

Creating Attention-Grabbing and Lip-Smacking Content

With years of experience and unparalleled expertise, we know the recipe of driving traffic to your social networking pages. Our creative content writers produce content relevant to your business which is then uploaded to all your social media pages so that it can be read and shared. This sharing of attention-grabbing content automatically results in more people visiting your social networking page.


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A One Stop Solution

We also connect your business’s social media page with your official website so that people who visit your website can easily find and connect with you. We also regularly update fresh content and answer all the queries of your customers. This will take the load off from your shoulders and will give you plenty of time to focus on the growth opportunities available to your business.

So what are you waiting for? Whether your business is providing HVAC services to your clients or providing banking solutions to them, we are here to help you in developing a strong customer base. Dial 888-313-7077 to get in touch with us.

5 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Business

If you’re running a business, chances are you’re already using social media to reach your customers and to enhance your brand awareness. However, if you’re not among those over 70% businesses that use social media platforms to market their offerings, you should consider developing a social media marketing strategy right now in order to enjoy the numerous benefits it offers to businesses.

In this article, we are summarizing 5 important ways social media marketing can help businesses grow. Read to learn the reasons why social media marketing is right for your business.

social media worldSocial Media Marketing Introduce Your Business to the World

The first and foremost reason why businesses use social media marketing is that it helps them introduce themselves to the world. With social media marketing, you’re no longer constrained by geographic boundaries. As a result, you can deliver your marketing message to a large number of prospective customers. This is particularly useful for businesses that offer eCommerce services.

social media conectionsSocial Media Marketing Allows You to Build a Connection

Consumers today prefer products and services of the businesses that they feel related to. With social media, you not only can deliver your message, but also receive feedback from your customers and customize your marketing message or products accordingly. This also helps you build a customer base comprising of customers who are likely to come back to you again and again and help you earn revenue.

social media serviceSocial Media Marketing Improves Your Customer Service

With increasing empowerment of customers, it has become extremely essential for businesses to maintain a responsive customer service department. Businesses that fail to offer excellent customer services to their customer suffer in terms of disgruntled customers and lost revenue. With social media, you can improve the quality and responsiveness of your customer services in a cost-effective manner. All you need is a full-time social media manager who oversees all your social media profiles and responds to customers’ queries and complaints in a timely manner.

mobileSocial Media Marketing Offers Your Ubiquitous Presence

With more and more individuals using their handheld smart devices to shop, it is important that your business maintains a ‘mobile’ online presence. While developing a mobile-friendly website requires some investment and time, social media profiles can be created in no time and managed easily. Since social media websites are optimized for mobile devices, you can benefit from their mobile-friendliness and present your offerings to your customers, right in front of their eyes on their mobile devices.

roiSocial Media Marketing Offers an ROI of 1,600 Percent

Since business is all about earning high profits while ensuring customer satisfaction, let’s look at the primary business benefit of social media marketing. There are numerous examples of how social media marketing has helped businesses improve their bottom-line. Marketing Sherpa reports that VMware earned a return of 1600% on their social media marketing investment. In addition to this, Dell made $3m in sales via Twitter, and Starwood earned $2m through a Facebook campaign.  All these numbers provide us an insight on how social media marketing can prove to be a profitable investment for your business.

These are just 5 of the many reasons why businesses should invest in social media marketing. The true benefits of this marketing technique can only be realized through experience. So, start marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and various other platforms today to enjoy the benefits. Good luck!