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Want to rank higher than your competitors on the search engines?

Want to increase the traffic on your web page?

Gladly you won’t need a magic wand for that. We at TC Interactive Group have a team of dedicated SEO experts that will fine-tune the content on your website and the blog so that it gets rewarded.

How Friendly Are You?

Today’s world in which we dwell belongs to Google and we at TC Interactive totally understand its implications and consequences.
Businesses need to regularly create content with a catchy title and place relevant keywords in it so that it become search engine friendly and the business websites can dominate the search engine ranking. Our Orlando SEO experts, that have in-depth knowledge about the ever changing complex algorithms of Google, are born for this task.

How We Will Add Value?

With high ranking comes massive traffic! This increased traffic will result in high conversion rate. We are able to convert your website into a lead generator. This means that our services will directly and positively affect your business bottom-line and will provide the best return on your investment.

We at TC Interactive do not only make your web page SEO friendly but we also review your competitor’s websites as well so that we can create value for your business and divert the traffic from your competitor’s website towards yours.


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Whether your business is providing oil drilling services to your clients or providing anti-aging solutions to women, we are a Orlando SEO company that can improve the ranking of your website on search engines. So are you ready to make the transition to the first page of Google?

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How New Customers Find You?

SEO It is the process of getting traffic from the “free”, “organic”, “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines. 

Tampa SEO Company 

We can prepare your website content in such a way that it check-marks all the requirements put forward by search engines for ranking.
We help bring traffic to your site by making your website search engine relevant so you don’t have to worry about anything.

From keywords optimization to competitors’ analysis, we have it all covered. We thoroughly study your website to ensure that it meets all Google requirements.  Our SEO experts work on the areas that are not appropriate and make them search engine friendly so that your website gets rewarded.

Our team of experts conducts in-depth research and analysis using advanced tools. We not only implement relevant strategies on your pages, but also analyze your competitors’ to see what they are doing better. We aim at growing your online profiles and making them more visible on the search engine using SEO tools and techniques.

schameThe Importance Of Schema In SEO:

 Schema “metadata”:

A web page is fairly easy to understand to mankind.  It’s typically composed of text, images and videos, the natural way of consuming information for a typical human being.  Then there are bots (artificial intelligence), computer programs that try to simulate human behavior and are responsible for scanning the web pages to verify they are compliant. It is harder for Bots to understand what each webpage is about.

A word can have many different meanings. illustrates this with the word “Avatar”. It can refer to a movie, an animated series, or an image that is used to represent a person. does the task for the bots to help describe what really is being talked about on difficult pages. That is why the Schemas exist, the Schemas are different “tags” or programs, that describe specifically each section of a web page, this helps search engines like Google scan websites and know what exactly what they are offering. This gives much more accurate results to its users.

page speedPage Speed Is A Very Important SEO Factor:

The speed of a web page is one of the most important factors for both the user experience and online positioning. Search engines like Google want the best experience for users. They use speed as one of their most important factors when it comes to positioning a web page. There are studies that indicate that if a web page does not fully load in 2 seconds or less, it can cause the user to leave that website and move to another.

It has happened to us all, this is fatal for any web page and much more if the business is one with a lot of competition. When a user enters and exits a page quickly, it is known as “Bounce Rate” and search engines have a way to measure it and use it to position web pages. So if your content is of the same quality as your competition, but your page loads slower this can be a factor by which your competition is above you. We can help you to optimize the most complete way your website we are experts in the optimization of load times.

contentContent Optimization Is The King On SEO:

Content is the “Core” of your website, if your content is weak or has no value, it is impossible for your website to be well positioned, no matter how fast or how beautiful. If your content does not serve, your website does not (something missing here?), you need to have content of value. That gives value to the user, that serves you, and that meets the immediate needs of that user. In addition there are many other variables that make your content on exit. (Not understanding what you mean here)

If your content is good but poorly worded this could affect you as well. There are many rules that we should follow when it comes to text. Did you know that even the font size can influence what can be considered good text content? Yes, everything! The number of words per sentence, the number of sentences per paragraph. The size, colors, spaces and types of letters. It really is an art to be able to present quality content for a website.

keyword searchKeyword Research Is The First Step On SEO:

Let’s say you have a shoe store and you want to increase your sales. You create a website and you find that your sales have not increased and when you check the visits to your website, you barely had any traffic. One of the main reasons why this could happen is because you’re not using good quality “keyword”s in the content of your web page. 

To get the best keywords, it is necessary to do professional keyword research work. There are many ways to benefit from keywords that have to do with your niche. Using different and better keywords can up the traffic on your page. 

Doing Keyword Research can be a complex and tedious job, because there are many factors to take into account and we use very specific tools to do it, but you can count on us to help you with this process, just call us and we will help you.

backlink Backlink Building:

Backlink Building is the process of getting links from other quality web pages to your website. This is the equivalent of a vote of confidence towards your page. To give you an idea, in addition to the load times and quality content of a web page, quality page links to your page are one of the most important factors when positioning a web page.

Search engines give a lot of weight to the quantity and quality of these links because they are very difficult to get, many companies will ensure you get many backlinks in an artificial way using black hat techniques that actually work if you are taking the risk that only works for a very short period of time and this can be counterproductive if your business is legitimate. You must take care of this type of incredible “offer” that can ultimately result in search engine penalties.

tampa seoLink Authority

Backlinks, those links from other pages to your page should be from authoritative sites. For example,  if your page belongs to the construction industry, the backlinks you should get must be related to that sector. They must be from websites that have established time and that have no relation with illegal activities.

It would be of no use to you to have a website of construction and that a florist’s website would link to yours. It does not make sense and in that case the search engines are good detecting these types of links without value because it lends itself to techniques of illegal backlinking. The best backlinks you can get are those of your industry or niche.