Using Digital Content Marketing to Grow Awareness, Trust & Sales

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“Content is King” is the mantra anyone who is looking to create an effective digital marketing strategy must have heard about. It is a widely used phrase, which is almost a cliché when it comes to digital marketing but it is a cliché for good reason. The digital content marketing approach actually does make a lot of sense when you are looking for ways to garner the necessary online attention.

In this day and age, your audience has total control over what they will consume when they open their digital gateways into the world on their phones and laptops. What you need to do is to get their attention and encourage them to respond to your call to action. Creating content is the way to go according to popular opinion amongst marketing experts.

The issue is not just creating great content, but ensuring that all your hard work translates into wins in the real world. The problem with marketing online is that you are always up against stiff competition coming in the form of a plethora of free content floating around on the internet fighting to get the audiences’ attention. The masses are used to and love free stuff so setting up a pay wall may not go so well. As annoying as Ads can be for the audience sometimes, there always comes a time when the right Ad reaches the right person. But Ads are really obnoxious for the most part and some genius came up with ad-blocking technology so that is a dead-end to a certain degree. The reach is drastically reduced because ad-blocking tech is being widely employed by users. You can’t really blame them for it.


Finding Content That’s Right For You

The best thing about digital content marketing is that there isn’t a singular form of content that you can use. When you are looking into what digital content marketing is, you might get to see some discouraging advice like longer content is better or something like making a specific number of posts per week minimum.
The fact of the matter is that not all people love writing or have a knack for it. It can be challenging even to write a simple email to someone let alone pumping out 2000 word blogs on a regular basis. The good news is that even though writing is one of the main tools in digital content marketing, it isn’t the only one available and depending on the business, it might not even be the best one for them.
There are so many more venues to explore like live video streaming, podcasts, photographs, how-to guides and so many more. All of these are there for your consideration.

Deciding What’s Best For You

The sheer number of options you have can get a bit confusing as to what would suit your needs better. Take a look at all the options and pick the content that gives you more than a few ideas faster than the rest. Video and audio content might be a more difficult approach when it comes to digital content marketing but despite the logistical problems that will come your way when pursuing them, they can become the most rewarding.

For instance, if you’re heading into podcasting audio, you’re supposed to at least have a basic outline about what you want to cover in your sessions, all the things that you have to talk about. You should keep in mind not to go off on a tangent because your audience will be listening in based on specifics, it would be better for you to stay on topic.

With videos, you can have a varying approach. You could go for the run-of-the-mill short video blogs. It is simple but it is quite an effective method. Then on the other end of the spectrum is well-funded and professionally filmed material. You should decide based on your need, budget and capability.


Content Needs Time To Grow
It is imperative that you give your content the sufficient time that it needs to grow. Digital content marketing is subject to the snowball effect. The overall value of your content increases with new content you add. With your newer content existing alongside your old content, whenever a viewer engages with any of them, the user gets involved with the whole network of content you have going on. All you need is for them to get access to any content (old or new) and then the library of content that follows might do the trick and get your audience hooked.

Experts agree that if you give your content a time of around just six months to grow without giving up on it, you will start to see all your efforts pay off.

Volume, Consistency and Quality
When you’re at an early stage of developing your content, your primary focus should be obsessively trying to improve the quality of the content you are providing. It is equally important to converting your audience from mere virtual window shoppers into people you can work with.

Mailing List
As much as number of likes, clicks, page views or traffic might be relevant to you as a digital content marketer, they do not necessarily translate into successful sales. In addition to all of that, what would be effective is to reach people with a more direct approach. That is achieved by making use of a relevant and comprehensive mailing list.

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The best way to make people give you their email address is actually quite simple: You ask them clearly and nicely. By phrasing your request nicely and throwing in a few perks of free content into the mix for giving you their email address can drastically boost the response you can get from your audience. After you’ve built up a good mailing list, using it depends entirely on you. There is no general advice that can be given about it. You are now capable of reaching out to a vast audience in a personal manner for which they voluntarily gave you their email address. Depending on what you are marketing, selling or the content you are creating, send out the appropriate email so that you can actually get some tangible success via your digital content marketing.

Digital content marketing is the ideal strategy to employ nowadays because it tends to inspire trust and raises awareness. By creating the kind of content that will speak to your audience, content based marketing gives you the perfect opportunity to not only holds your audiences’ attention but also to make sales.

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