Using Traditional Content Marketing Techniques

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Since LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other such social media websites introduced the business page, businesses and entrepreneurs have found it extremely easy to promote their product or service. With a simple click they can introduce their product or service to the world and attract attention of people who were beyond their reach. It’s a platform that not only gives business owners the opportunity to introduce new products or service but also enlighten them with their content in the form of short posts and tweets.

Today, more and more people are leaning towards social media websites. Anyone and everyone have an account and are always on the lookout for something new, which they can share with their friends. Around 70% of people make six posts everyday on Facebook and around 45% of people tweet ten times in a day. More than 51% of tweets are re-tweeted 3,500 times. With 20 posts every month, you can reach 60% of your target audience through LinkedIn and Google+. Finally, the point you should know is that there are around 2 billion people, who actively use their social media accounts. Imagine the possibility of your product or service taking you places that you have only dreamed about. That’s the magic social media websites offer to your business. Following are some benefits of launching your brand on social media:

Generates Repeat Sales and High Converting Leads

A business owner’s one and only aim is to generate high sales and get repeat customers. This is only possible if they are highly active on social media. According to a survey, when it comes to selling through social media websites:
– 57% of people are at the purchase step before a sale professional has talked to them
– B2B organizations raise their sales by 24% through social media marketing
– 82% people became direct buyers after reading content on a social media website

Today’s generation, aged 12 to 24 uses Instagram the most. Though this social media website is not exactly seen as a business platform, small businesses are using creative marketing techniques to attract their target audience’s attention through pictures. Businesses can see a positive turn around if they maintain a fresh content flow throughout the year.

Increased Customer Retention and Brand Awareness
Around 28% of elders between the ages of 40 to 60 and 33% of millennials see social media websites as one of the best channels to communicate with businesses. According to Edison Research, 53% of people who like a brand and follow it social media websites will remain royal to it for a long term. By providing your customers the ease of online shopping through these platforms, you will be able to not only create brand awareness through shares but also retain your customers through constant updates.

Helps You Deliver Targeted Ads
LinkedIn is one of the biggest professional social media websites that is used by businesses. It has a network of 430 million users from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. One of the best things about these social media websites is that they allow you to run ads in the real time that are targeted. Meaning: You can create an ad and check your target audience by segmenting them in company, location, age, gender and job title. It’s a great way to check out your reach before paying a buck.

Increases Website Traffic
You can easily drive more traffic to your website by back linking through these posts. The more shares you get, the higher your blog will appear in the search engine page. Say a person who follows your website on LinkedIn shares this post. The number of times it’s shared, your chances increases of getting on the first page of search engine when “social media for business” is typed.

Allows You to Share Content Faster
According to Link Humans statistics, people who use social media websites frequently, have five separate accounts. This allows you to share content with your target audience faster and chances are, if they missed it when they logged in their first account, your ad will surely catch their eye when they login into other accounts.

Helps You Stay One Step Ahead Of Your Competitor
Your competitor might be using social media marketing techniques as vigorously you are trying to. Social media websites gives you plenty of opportunities to search your competitors and similar product and services through keywords and see what strategies are being used to promote them. You can find out which of their product is doing well in the market and make extra efforts to improve yours, so that it is preferred above theirs.

Allows You to Find New Customers
With the help of Hootsuite, you can find new customers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more. For example, you have opened a bakery that offers various tea flavors and donuts. By creating a geo search; you can locate people who like flavored tea and donuts. You can now direct your attention on these people by inviting them to try afternoon tea and a snack at your bakery.

Instant Feedback
Say you have introduced a new product but for some reason, the sales dropped just after a few months. Here’s where a social media account of your website can really come in handy. With instant access to negative and positive feedback, you can easily find out how customers feel about your product. You can then make the necessary changes and introduce it in a new way by telling your target audience through your posts and blogs the changes you have made by reading their feedbacks.
Social media is not just a platform to blast your sales pitch. It’s a platform where you can connect with your customers and build a relationship with. With your competitors already sharing your market, the longer you delay your marketing strategy on social media, the more clients your competitor will poach. The cycle of shares is never ending and that is one of the biggest benefits social media websites offer you for the success of your business.