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Search Engine Optimization is the term used for the process of making a website appear better positioned in search engines. For that, you have to make use of several techniques and guidelines of the search engines. Such as the proper use of meta tags, titles, content quality, speed of your website, etc. There are more than 200 factors that can affect where they position a website.

Google, for example, changes its algorithm and adds new factors constantly. The changes in their algorithm is so they might always find the best websites with the best content to appear first. So your website needs to be more than just eye-catching.

video production

Now more than ever the creation and use of audio visual material in any business is vital. With the growth of social networks and platforms like Youtube, the way to reach more people is through visual audio content. I’m sure we can all admit to spending a lot of our time in front of a computer or a smart phone, perhaps on websites like Youtube or Facebook. What do these two platforms have in common? They have the most online traffic right now.

Customers are hungry for new content

If your company does not use this type of resources, it is missing a unique opportunity to get your message across. There are many cases in which completely new companies get to know each other and become famous through videos such as Dollar Shave Club.

Most likely you’ve heard of this company, and have laughed at their videos many times. Show what you can offer, where you are the best. Explore your ideas, your values, your strengths and have your company leave a mark on people’s minds.

Websites are not just online business cards, websites are extremely important tools for you and your company. We know how a well optimized website can grow your business by bringing more customers and sales. In addition to making your name or brand recognized by more people.

What needs a Website to be good?

A good Website needs to follows the recommendations of the most used search engines, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.  These search engines pay close attention to specific details on your website, such as word content, descriptions and keywords. There are hundreds of factors and variables that can affect your website not placing in the top positions of the searches or does not appear in any position.

There are many cases of websites that are penalized by search engines because of these missteps, and this goes unnoticed by their owners. This causes a waste of time and money. From experience, we know that a large percentage of websites are created without taking these factors into consideration.

Search Engine Marketing – SEM

As previously explained, SEO is where you use techniques to achieve the top positions in search engine results. SEM (Search Engine Marketing), is where money is paid to achieve these top positions.  It is more complex than just “paying your way to the top positions”, and experienced is needed in this area. Knowing your target market or target audience makes SEM one of the most used models to get online traffic.


The Future of Marketing

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